Women’s Voices Online Are Powerful, Moms or Not


This post is by TheNotMom team writer Laura LaVoie:

Our website recently celebrated its first birthday with the release of the first NotMom infographic and some thoroughly enjoyed adult beverages. I started writing for TheNotMom.com after I was fuming over the prevalence of “Mommy Blogs.”

I had just quit my 15-year career, one that in no way fed my creative soul, and began the journey of being a freelance writer. What I found when I searched writing jobs was the majority of gigs available for women online were Mommy Blog jobs, and I don’t precisely qualify.

At first, I got annoyed. Then I wanted action. Why in the world would Mommies be the only source of women’s voices on the internet? In my determined Googling, I discovered this site. An email and a phone call later, I was writing for the blog. It has been a crazy good year for this freelance writer.

Last week, at a local blogger meet-up, I spoke to Cindy who writes The Reedster Speaks. It turns out that Cindy is both a blogger and a Mom, and while each of these roles define her life in various ways, she has expressed that she is proud to be a woman writing online. Even though I am not a Mom, her recent post about the marginalizing of Mommy Bloggers (strong language warning) made me remember why I wanted to write for a site that understood my specific voice.

I realized that whether we are Moms or not, women are perceived as an advertising commodity.

Do you remember the Old Spice ads from a couple of years ago featuring Isaiah Mustafa? In the commercials a very attractive man commands women to compare their own husbands or partners to him and then, if they don’t live up to a standard, purchase a delightful smelling deodorant to make everything better. Why were these ads for men’s deodorant geared toward women? Because between 85% of consumer decisions are made by women. Whether the product is for babies or men, women are a target for the advertising community.

I’ve often said that I don’t believe that Moms and NotMoms should be pitted against one another on the Internet. It occurred to me that in order to change the way advertisers, and society as a whole, view NotMoms we need to change the way they view women in general.

So, just like Cindy at The Reedster Speaks.  I, too, am proud to be a woman writing online.

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6 Responses to “Women’s Voices Online Are Powerful, Moms or Not”

  1. Laura – thanks for the shout-out! And for the warning about my strong language :)

  2. Macy Miller says:

    Love this whole idea and I just went through the wormhole that is this post, I have been very enlightened this morning, thanks for the introduction Laura!

  3. You are so awesome, Karen. I’ve been proud to watch you grow this site and community. You are right. Women have a very strong and powerful voice ESPECIALLY if we all work together. Turn of the catty crap and just know we have power when we work together. Congrats on everything you’ve done and continue to do. *fist bump*

    • Karen Malone Wright says:

      Thank you so much for the nice thoughts. I’m going to add you to my list of ‘hugs from the Universe’, arriving just when support is needed most!

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