Why Care About Nigella Lawson? She Is Us.

N Lawson

I recently completed a survey meant to assess women’s attitudes about domestic violence after the very public physical abuse of 53-year-old celeb chef Nigella Lawson by her husband. Arguing while leaving a London restaurant in June, Ms. Lawson’s husband forcefully grabbed her by the throat. At one point, he pinched her nostrils shut.

The survey wanted to know why I thought this report has attracted so much attention worldwide. The question appeared beneath the photo above. My answer: Because she looks scared out of her f-ing mind.

Her husband, by the way, is advertising giant Charles Saatchi, 70. As in, the Saatchi & Saatchi agency. He’s like an O.G. Mad Man. And yet, the best excuse he could give for choking his wife was,“Even domestic goddesses sometimes have a bit of snot in their nose. I was trying to fish it out.”

Ms. Lawson’s reps say she’s moved out and plans to divorce.

Bottom Line: One of every 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime: poor, rich, famous and unknown, Mom and NotMom.

Love yourself. Protect yourself. Speak up for your sisters.


*Photo Credit: Jean-Paul

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