Where’s Your Child-Free Getaway?


Whether there’s snow outside your windows or not, this is the time of year to dream about a vacation. Someplace far from home and work. A place where you can recharge and refresh before returning to the daily routine. If you’re hoping for a little slice of heaven, your vacation wonderland can include adults-only fun. Even Disney World offers a gourmet Food and Wine Festival not designed for juvenile palates (Sept. 27 – Nov. 10, 2013).

If you live in or near a vacation destination (and almost any location can qualify), chances are you know where and when to find a quiet meal, a child-free beach or an adults-only entertainment spot. Even NotMoms who live blocks from you may not know the best local sites for a no-kids breakfast or scenic venue. Please share the info you’ve gathered by adding a comment here, or a post on TheNotMom Facebook page or Twitter stream. Help us compile an up-to-date travel resource for your NotMom peers. 

I’ll never forget the time when, early in my marriage, I surprised my husband with an anniversary trip to Virginia Beach. I’d researched long and hard to find an expensive, exclusive hotel, hoping the number of children would be limited on its private stretch of beach. Boy, was I wrong.

And to be honest, kids weren’t really the problem; it was laissez-faire parents. Who else to blame when a 3-year-old boy with no parent in sight hopped over my reclining husband’s body, giggling and pouring a bucket of sand on him as he passed by?

Since then, I’ve learned to celebrate hotels with one swimming pool for kids and another just for adults. I’ve also learned that many wealthy parents travel with a nanny so they can get away from their own children’s ‘adorableness’. Also, I don’t count on a vacation during the school year to be a solution, as many parents pull little ones out of school for vaca, and other countries have totally different break schedules.

Pages like this one offer links to child-free resorts and hotels, but unfortunately, the Internet often translates “adults-only” as “open to swinging” or other near-porn definitions. TheNotMom.com wants to provide recommendations for NotMoms by NotMoms. In America and around the world, where have you found the grown-up solitude you were looking for? Please don’t keep it to yourself.

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