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October 30, 2015: The NotMom founding voice Karen Malone Wright accepted an award as Entrepreneur of the Year during the annual Flourish Conference for Women in Leadership. It honors “an entrepreneur in the Cleveland area who is making tremendous contribution in her industry, her community and to the individuals she supports and those she serves.”

The NotMom Summit 2015 continues to draw attention from media online and off. And it started with an Easter Sunday surprise: a mention in a lengthy New York Times article focused on demographics and experiences of American women and men without children, particularly childfree by choice. NYT artReporter Teddy Wayne writes:

“So while the long-held opinion that having children is the key to a fulfilling life may, indeed, be true for most people, contemporary popular culture habitually indicates otherwise.”

Full list of media coverage: (as of 11/16/15)

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← The NotMom scored a mention at in Dec. 2014 thanks to Melanie Holmes, author of The Female Assumption: A Mother’s Story Freeing Women from the View that Motherhood is a Mandate. Melanie was interviewed here in 2014 and she referenced our…’core values’, if you will, in her Psychology Today guest post: 

“I’ve borrowed the term “Sister-to-Sisterness” from Karen Malone Wright’s website,, and encourage all women to unite with words of support. Because we are women. Because many strong women before us fought so that our voices can be heard. Because we live in a world where many doors are open or ajar for females and we should encourage the exploration of each other’s passions. Because we are sisters, aunts, nieces, best friends…we are whole beings, whatever our paths.”

Laura and Matt

Laura and Matt

↑ TheNotMom writer Laura LaVoie is gaining recognition as a proponent of “tiny living.” In December 2014, her home in Asheville was featured in a North Carolina magazine, Our State, with this adorable pic. Read Story

Jumpstart B River 2014

↑ That’s me, Karen Malone Wright, at left, hanging with Laura Bennett, CEO & co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance (center) and Sophie Burkart, owner of SoffiaB luxury robes at a meeting of Burning River Coffee Community. I love Burning River for its un-format: monthly gatherings of entrepreneurial women from diverse sectors, and absolutely no meeting structure except the generous offering of ideas to solve each other’s problems. The photo was featured in the 2014 annual report for Jumpstart Inc., an Ohio incubator for high-growth start-ups. 


← Inaccurate headline; Nice review. This writer for is clearly a fan — here’s hoping it was someone else who wrote the “anti-Mommy” headline! Itty-bitty LOL. (7/19/13)

↓ Interview, The Purposeful Woman with a Mission with host JJ Geronimo, tech executive and author of The Working Woman’s GPS: When the Plan to Have it All Leads You Astray. (6/19/13)

→ The marked its one-year anniversary in May 2013 by issuing a lifestyle and consumer survey of women without children. Responses were received from almost 500 women (THANK YOU!). An analysis of the results BGV checkwas released late that summer. Press Release   

May 16, 2012: The received a $5,000  prize from Bad Girl Ventures: Cleveland in a 12-weeks business development competition of coursework and business planning. BGV is an innovative micro-lending program for Ohio’s entrepreneurial women.






Spring 2012 Bad Girl Ventures Cleveland finalists with BGV Founder Candace Klein (far right). BGV Photo Credits: McKinley Wiley/The Dark Room Co.