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In this third millennium, the number of women without children is on the rise around the world. Increased access to higher education is frequently cited as the cause. Add the Internet, and this previously overlooked sector of womanhood is finding its voice.

The NotMom is American by nature and global in scope, spotlighting the unique perspectives and legacies of women without children regardless of cause. As we say, “by choice or by chance”. “NotMom” describes women who have never delivered a baby and may also resonate with women who have never given birth but care for stepchildren, relatives, adopted or foster children, as well as women whose only child has died. 

Whining is not welcome here. Standing up to speak one’s truth is.

Comments are always welcome, but messages featuring defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane or offensive language will not be tolerated. Some of our best friends are Moms. This isn’t the blog for  Mom-shaming labels such as “Breeder” or “Moo”, or baby-shaming labels, either. 

We respect diverse opinions and personal stories on reproductive rights and other political, social and pop culture issues of the day. That said, TheNotMom supports easy, legal access to abortion, contraception, and other tools to aid women in determining their own destiny.

In response to reader requests and comments, we use the term child-free to describe any woman without children. Childfree is reserved for by-choice NotMoms. Childless may be used in references to NotMoms by chance or circumstance. 

TheNotMom aims to build connections among these women, online and off, and serve as their preferred resource of commentary, conversation, information, and advice.

Karen Malone Wright – Founding Voice & Executive Editor