Pets & Travel

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When you decide to love a pet, you are all in. And when you travel, well, it’s all about you, babe.

• WOMEN & DOGS: A 2012 study found that while a man can be quite content if his woman doesn’t like his pet, it’s totally different   when it comes to hers. The conclusions focused on dogs because so few respondents owned cats or other pets. The results support a 2009 study by Lifetime Networks revealing that 1 in 10 of women pet owners have sacrificed a relationship for their pet, and more than one in four put the needs of their pet ahead of their own. Read More

roller-coaster-1• LOVE ROLLER-COASTERS?: The Wall St. Journal reports that about half of all amusement park visitors, ages 25 to 49, come without children, and according to the NY Timesnearly one-third of all the people who attend DisneyWorld in Orlando, FL and DisneyLand in Anaheim, CA are there without children. Don’t forget: The annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival at Walt Disney World is decidedly for grown-ups only.  The 2013 event is scheduled for September 27-November 10. Read More

 CAMPING IN STYLE: Is the idea of roughing it a little too much for you to handle? Camping doesn’t have to mean a week of sleeping in a tree and eating nothing but trail mix. TheNotMom writer Laura LaVoie has experienced a seven-course meal cooked on a camp stove, thanks to the author of Martinis & Marshmallows. There’s more than serenity offered when you go glamping.

• FUR BABIES?: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that nearly 3/4 of American households own a pet. The May 2013 report also reveals that households of married adults without children living at home spent the most on their pets.

Is the question really “Are our pets a replacement for children?” Or, are we asking the wrong question to begin with? Some people simply have more of an affinity for animals and less of it for children. I know plenty of families with kids and pets who feel similarly about their own animals. So, why do the childfree sometimes feel judged for choosing to have a pet and not a child? Read More

 • NO-KIDS TRAVEL: Whether it’s a couples retreat or girlfriend getaway, Internet search engines can help you find ideas for kid-free locations. Best of all, sites like TripAdvisor  feature commenters that let you know which locations advertise “childfree”, but aren’t.

• In 2012, Kelly Short partnered  with an American Express Travel company to launch a new business, Couples Without Kids Trips.  She believes the company is distinctive: travel for childfree adults organized by childfree adults. She serves childless men and women, empty nesters, singles and groups  with “I know what you’re looking for” expertise. Read More

• WHERE’S YOUR KID-FREE GETAWAY?:  Here’s a BIG PLEA for you to drop us an email, tweet or Facebook post when you visit NM PURCH-older on beacha no- or low-kids getaway. Or, perhaps you live near a vacation destination and you know where and when to find a quiet meal or grown-up entertainment. Major thanks to the NotMoms who’ve already shared favorite vacation sites. Meanwhile, here’s what I know about oceanside resorts and ‘adults only’ pools: They are not all created equal. Read More