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Under a category titled  ‘How the Hell Did THAT Happen?!’, this week I realized our list of Fictional NotMoms was missing Carrie Bradshaw from HBO’s Sex & the City. I believe that even people who never watched an episode know the name. Original shows ended in 2004, but SATC lives on in syndication. After two movie sequels, Carrie has married Mr. Big at last, but there’s absolutely no sign that little ones will ever share their zillion-dollar Manhattan lifestyle. C Bradshaw

Of course, it’d be nuts to think that any list of Famous NotMom lists could ever be considered complete. It’s just that for independent women, Carrie became so culturally emblematic, iconic — pick your adjective — I should have thought of her sooner. Her childfree and sex-happy pal Samantha Jones has had a spot on the list from Day One.

Fictional listings are important. They can establish or correct stereotypes of childless and childfree women that last as long as the character is remembered. Nevertheless, made-up ladies get trumped by flesh-and-blood every time. Thanks to readers, our inbox frequently gets real-life names to be added. [Big shout out to idCreative who sent 21!]

And so, the task of uploading and updating our roster of the Famous is ongoing and always will be.

The Famous NotMoms page is consistently the most popular on this site. Its mission is to be a reminder to anyone who needs one that children are not a woman’s only legacy to leave behind. It’s easy to generalize the high user rate comes from women eager to find someone like themselves. As the list grows, it offers the opportunity to drill down to other compatibilities: writers happy to find favorite authors, or nurses delighted with Florence Nightingale

L Lampelli More funny women are on our list now, including comedians Sheryl Underwood, a host on CBS’ The Talk, and raucous Lisa Lampanelli (left), who married for the second time in 2010. (Ms. Lampanelli’s husband told The NY Times that his previous marriage ended because he didn’t want children. “It’s probably something we should have discussed before we got married,” he said. Apparently, he’s funny, too.)

Adding some Egyptian, Hawaiian and Puerto Rican flavor to the mix, in that order, is Today Show host Hoda Kotb (above), half of the booziest anchor team on TV; dancer, choreographer and Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba and actress/director Rosie Perez (right)R Perez

I’d share all the names waiting to be uploaded, but it might stop you from checking the Famous page often. That’s the best way to see who’s newly added, and remind us who’s still missing. Because, you know, the list will never be complete.

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