‘Disrespected’ on the Job: Childless Women & Caregiver Men

Business People

Absorb this: The authors of a new study concluded that how people fulfill domestic roles has more influence on how they’re treated at work than how they perform professional duties.

Translation: Men and women living an experience seen as untraditional for their gender get dissed for it. Teased and worse. 

Mail-in surveys to unionized workers in female-dominated jobs and public service workers in a male-dominated environment were used to assess opinions and experiences. The newsy results aren’t about money; both sexes are in lower-income positions. The “surprise” is how much BS people get for coloring  outside of the lines. I’m cynical enough not to say “oh, well these are probably blue- and pink-collar jobs,” as though sexism and bullying doesn’t play out in corporate penthouses.

The University of Toronto researchers say the least harassed people in the office are parents. Traditional parents. Men, who do precious little caregiving with kids or relatives. Women struggling to be Super Mom and Super Daughter.  Anyone who turns that scenario on its head can be “treated disrespectfully” at work.

“Their hours are no different than other employees’, but their co-workers appear to be picking up on their non-traditional caregiving roles and are treating them disrespectfully,” said study co-author Jennifer Berdahl.

Did you ever work for a person or place that you felt didn’t respect you? It sucks.

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