Disappointed with I.B.M.? Yeah, Me Too.

Welcome to opening day of the 2012 Masters Tournament.  A visit to the official website will tell you everything you need to know. Look below to see what the homepage is presenting this morning…3 old men wearing the green jackets that have never seen a chest with breasts. Note the I.B.M. logo at upper right.

The men happen to be famed golfers Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.  Doesn’t matter. The point has been made.

A) NotMom Virginia Rometty, I.B.M.’s first female CEO, will NOT be invited to become the Augusta National Golf Club’s first female member. The sexist tradition that began when the club was started in 1934 lives on. (Ms. Rometty, and any other woman, may play the course but may not join the club.)

B) I.B.M. will continue to sponsor the tournament as it has since the television broadcasts began, giving silent approval to the antiquated policy.

VISA’s former head of global sponsorship told Business Week that the Masters is one of the most sought after in sports because “the decision-makers who do the deals in each of the sponsor categories watch.”

Apparently, women are big users of I.B.M. products but not the major corporate or governmental purchasers. Moreover, it doesn’t seem that this story is generating much Angry Woman buzz.  At least, not yet. It’s only Ms. Rometty’s 4th month on the job…I suppose there’s always next year.

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