Childless Men: ‘You’re a Great Guy Because You’re a Great Guy’

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Men often say they don’t spend much time talking about their feelings, or, heaven forbid, sharing how they feel with their buds. Discerning the true feelings of a man without children about fatherhood isn’t always easy, especially if it happened by chance.

Logically, there’s a large number of American men who get in a funk on Father’s Day, but they suck it up and stay quiet. Psychologists call it “emotional suppression“.

Judging by recent headlines, it would seem that NotDads are holding a lot of baggage:

No Kids? Men More Depressed About It

Childless Men More Depressed than Childless Women

Men Without Children Are More ‘Depressed & Sad’ Than Childless Women

More Men Depressed Than Women If Childless

But, those headlines are based on a study of less than 50 men. I don’t know if that’s worth bugles and trumpets, but, maybe.

As for men without kids because they wanted it that way, they might be a little bummed, too. There’s no “You’re A Great Guy Because You’re a Great Guy” Day, although it’s not a bad idea.

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