Celeb Moms-to-Be & Never-Been-Moms Are Always Hot Topics

Selena Gomez & Katy Perry admire Fergie's bump. (March 2013)

First-babies get all the attention even in the womb. Compare media coverage of two-time Moms-to-be Halle Berry or Jessica Simpson to the fuss over their entry to parenthood. Now that Kim and Kate are off the list, it appears that wall-to-wall bump watching is over.

Some other celeb will get the “is she or isn’t she?” machine fired up again.  I’m enjoying the pause while it lasts, yet wasting time wondering exactly who’s newsy enough to generate headlines like, “OMG! She’s pregnant!”

I’m thinking that if big-deal pregnancies take some of the paparazzi heat off never-pregnant stars, I won’t complain so much about the mega-coverage. I don’t know how the paparazzi think, but, why waste time asking Carrie Underwood if she’s ever going to have a child when you can get a zillion-dollar photo of Fergie’s bump and Selena Gomez and Katy Perry rubbing it?

What I know is that asking a grown woman “Are you pregnant yet?” is almost never a good idea.  If she’s having trouble conceiving, the last thing she wants is to be reminded of the problem.  If she has clear goals that don’t include a baby in the near future (if ever), she just might tell you to mind your own business.

It’s not that I don’t cringe for the woman behind the bump that cameras zoom in on. I can’t imagine such virtual intrusion anymore than I can imagine a stranger daring to touch my swollen belly.

What I can imagine, because I’ve been there several times, is a stranger in my business. My reproductive business. And so, I have a bit more empathy for Khloe Kardashian than for her sisters, and I’m glad when pushy reporters focus on the babies that are already here or on the way.

Friends have shown me that this theory doesn’t always work in real life. I can think of at least one girlfriend whose mother still mutters (out loud) what a shame it is that my friend never had children like her sisters. That’s a greedy GrandMom problem. Media has shown itself to be more fickle.

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4 Responses to “Celeb Moms-to-Be & Never-Been-Moms Are Always Hot Topics”

  1. You have ignored the fact that there is a relationship between sexism, including sexism featured in advertising, and masculinised violence, specifically rape.

    • Karen Malone Wright says:

      Sexism, per se, was not a focus of this post, though obviously, it is pervasive, even in coverage of pregnant, or could-be-pregnant women. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Michelle says:

    I hate that vicious cycle that begins as soon as a couple starts dating: Are you gonna get married? Are you going to have a baby? Maybe they just want to enjoy each other without those pressures. They’ll get married if and when they feel like it, and they’ll have a baby when and if they feel like it. People really need to stop being so fixated on that stuff. And I understand the greedy grandma thing – one of the last arguments my mom and I had before she passed was that she was disappointed that I never gave her a grandchild.

    • Karen Malone Wright says:

      I admit that I think it’s fair for any mother to be honest about disappointment when grandkids don’t appear. Trouble comes when the point is pushed so far that arguments ensue with hurt feelings on both sides. Thanks for sharing.

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