Beyond the U.S.

Buzz about the child-free circles the globe. Among a majority of developed nations, one in 10 women in their late 40s have no children. (Yale, 2012)

• MEXICO: At the end of 2012, more than a million Mexicans enjoyed Two Healthy Incomes, No Kids.  NM PURCH MexicanAlmost twice as many THINKers as in 2005. What caused the flip? The familiar culprit with global fingerprints: access to higher education. The eye-opener that raises a woman’s standards for dating, career and what she expects of her life.

Fifty years ago, only 0.5% of Mexican women earned a university degree. In today’s Mexico, women are almost as well educated as men. Read More

• NIGERIA: The Guardian Nigeria reports that people of that area have “never” considered infertility – what they refer to as “barrenness” – to be a man’s fault. Never. Ever. Read More

• BRAZIL:  Although Brazil’s birth rate is critically low, women at all income levels know the saying, “A fábrica está fechada.” The factory is closed.


• GHANA: Women are usually blamed without cause in Ghana, too, where “barreness” can be grounds for divorce. The childlessness/infertility rate is estimated to be 2.24% of the population, according to Nana Yaw Osei, founder of the Association of Childless Adults of Ghana.

The stigma experienced by Ghanaian women continues after they die, because couples without kids are denied admittance to the ancestral world. Many people accept that there is another world after death where ancestors may live again. Without children, you’re nobody’s ancestor. Result? Your soul wanders forever. Yes, you may be a zombie. Read More 

• A Merkel GERMANY: Women give birth to 1.3 children, on average, one of the lowest rates in the industrialized world. And, more than one woman out of three with a college degree is childless.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel (left), a NotMom herself, is challenged to turn things around

btw, on Forbes’ 2013 list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, Chancellor Merkel earned the top spot. Other NotMom leaders on the list include former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard at #28 and South Korea’s first female President, Park Geun-hye at #11. Read More 

• INDIA & PAKISTAN: Suicides attributed to grief over infertility are labeled on this site as “death by childlessness”. Four incidents were noted here in 2012.

• DENMARK: A Danish Cancer Society Research Centre study reveals women who sought fertility  copenhagen-denmark-6treatments in 2012 but never gave birth were twice as likely to be hospitalized for alcoholism compared towomen with successful fertility programs.

• TRENDING: The proportion of childlessness among women in their late 40s has doubled over the past 30 years in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Australia.

• In the U.S. and Italy, the population of childless women aged 65+ is expected to nearly quadruple over the next 40 years.

•  In 2012, The Atlantic reported:  The Four Rich Countries Where Women Out-Earn Men (With 1 Huge Caveat). The caveat is that the women have no children. The four countries, in order: Ireland, Australia, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. Read More