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Be Counted in New Survey of Women Without Children

Today’s post is very simple: A plea for 10 minutes of your time and a peek into your life.

One-Fifth & Growing: A Survey of Women Without Children is available starting today. It’s your opportunity to help correct misperceptions about women child-free by choice and by chance, who they are and how they live.

And, hopes to become your preferred resource for women without children, but we need your feedback to do it. Tell us what you like about the site, and what you don’t.

Finally, many a NotMom complains about advertisers’ narrow focus of Mom-vision. By sharing a bit of information about your consumer choices, you’ll prove the need for new thinking by anyone influenced only by spending power and buying preferences.

Responses to survey will be accepted until 11:59pm EST on June 1, 2013. Results will be analyzed, then shared publicly later this summer.

5/21/13 UPDATE: The survey has been modified to accept respondents age 20-15.

6 Comments to “Be Counted in New Survey of Women Without Children”

I went to take this survey, but it didn’t have my age range. I’m 27, and the lowest age was 30. Is it possible to change that to make it more accurate and to make sure that my age group is represented in this survey as well?

    You’re aren’t the only one to identify what may have been ana error in judgment. Please try the survey again at

Just curious, but is there a particular reason your survey starts with the age of 30? I attempted to fill it out, but being 29 I guess I can’t?

    I’ll explain my reasoning in an upcoming post. For now, please accept apologies and try again using this link:

Done! Glad to help out with your survey.

    Thank you!