Amusement Parks Offer New Ideas for Adults-Only Fun


June and summertime! Lush lawns and longer days. Picnics and swimming pools. And…roller coasters and ferris wheels. The Wall St. Journal reports that about half of all amusement park visitors, ages 25 to 49, come without children.

The CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment said the adults-only crowd  “is a very important market to us and we want to make sure we’re appealing to that group.” Disney knows how to do it right, hosting the annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival at Walt Disney World.  The 2013 event is scheduled for September 27-November 10.

At the 11 North American parks owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., a spokeswoman explains that children’s rides are “a park within a park. If you are a thrill seeker, you’re generally in another area of the park.”

That certainly helps, but the best time for grown-ups looking for adult-level fun is at night. Families tend to arrive early and leave early. Result: more theme parks are promoting special after-dark entertainment, concerts, and wine and beer gardens. Luminosity, Ignite the Night is a recent addition to  Cedar Point, Cedar Fair’s flagship in Ohio. Luminosity features a DJ dance party, pyrotechnics and high-energy performers.

Some parks have installed spas, upscale jewelry in gift shops and foods beyond traditional fare to please the big-people audience. Grab some friends and see what new amusements have been designed just for you.

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