A Few Words About Childless Marriage

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Clicking around Experience Project, a site humming with the stories of everyday people, I found an open-ended post  that asks, “A childless marriage is like a ___?”

‘What a strange question’ was my first thought. Did it hit you that way, too?

There were a few serious responses (of 11), but it’s notable that several people referenced the joys of unrestricted sex. Others tried to be funny (“…like the Titanic without the icebergs”). Posed SAT-style, do you find the comparison thought-provoking? Easy to answer? Or is it just irrelevant and unnecessary?

I confess to having a few smart-a retorts:

A childless marriage is like a PB & J sandwich.

…like an ‘adults only’ wonderland.

…like a marriage with children; it’s a marriage, stupid.

Don’t know why I was thinking so hard. My real answer is simple and feels very true: A childless marriage is like a celebration of love.

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2 Responses to “A Few Words About Childless Marriage”

  1. Thank you for the lst one, A childless marriage is a celebration of love. My husband and I just celebrated 21 years of marriage.

    • Karen Malone Wright says:

      Congratulations! We celebrated 20 years in July, so you understand where my head was when I thought of it. Thanks for sharing.

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