1 of Every 5

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If you know five adult American women, studies predict that one of them will be childless for the rest of her life.
  • Researchers say higher education is often the catalyst that leads us to better jobs and tougher standards for potential husbands. Result? Childbearing delays are more common, as is the decision to go childfree altogether. Add in The Great Recession, and it’s clear why the numbers continue to rise.
  • Almost 60% of U.S. college graduates are women, so if college is the culprit, the trend will continue.  Interestingly, women with advanced degrees seem to be an exception to the childless trend.
  • Do Babies Matter? Gender & Family in the Ivory Tower reviews studies tracking thousands of graduate students through their careers. Conclusion:

     “For men, having children is a career advantage; for women, it is a career killer. And women who do advance through the faculty ranks do so at a high price. They are far less likely to be married with children.”

    Is it possible to be childless-by-academics? Probably. Read More

  • Harvard University has proclaimed that childless households are now the norm across the U.S. For good or bad, you are part of history. Researcher George Masnick Fellow summed it up this way: “The increase in households without children surpassed the 5.3 million growth of households with children by a considerable margin.” More
  • From 2007 to 2009, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report a 4% drop in U.S. births: the largest 2-year decline in 30 years. The economy is believed to be a key factor.
  • CNN reports that rates of childlessness are continuing to rise in developed nations around the globe, concluding, “Whether we like it or not, motherhood is now only one important aspect of women’s identity, no longer the key to achieving a sense of self-fulfillment.” (May 2012)
  • Single ladies represent 40% of America’s women without children (2010).
  • CDC: One in seven non-parents of childbearing age is childless by choice.
  • White women are definitely more likely to be childless, but African American and Hispanic women aren’t that far behind.

  • Latinas are more likely to have children than other ethnic groups.  But…if that’s true, there are many Latinas without kids living the “square peg/round hole” life familiar to so many NotMoms.
  • portia-de-rossi-i-love-my-wife-03 After reviewing the list of Famous NotMoms, a friend asked if it was “fair” to include lesbian women. Her thinking was, “Well, of course they’re not gonna have kids!” My Common Sense that whispered “Bullshit.” Sure enough, the 2000 U.S. Census reports 1/3 of U.S. lesbian households have children. Never assume. More
  • Rockefeller University researchers looked at female mice with babies, MomMice, if you will. They found that maternal behavior was triggered by an estrogen receptor that mice produce genetically at the same levels humans do. Lead researcher Ana Ribeiro succinctly concluded, “Our study shows that, without this gene, the skills to be ‘a good mom’ were lost.” More ammo for childfree women to feel abnormal? More